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CamPure from the house of Mangalam, brings to you a range of products which are created from ancient knowledge for a modern lifestyle!

For Centuries Camphor has been used to drive away insects and dispel unpleasant odours. Camphor is a natural product present in the sap of certain coniferous trees at high altitudes.

With an increasing awareness of the harmful effects of petrochemical products such as Napthalene and PDCB, developed nations have banned their use. Resulting in a shift to a natural and World Health Organisation (WHO) approved solution – Camphor.

CamPure is a registered trademark of Mangalam Organics Limited, a leading manufacturer of Pine Chemicals

Camphor Cone

Great to place by your bedside, hang in your closet – restroom – car

Enjoy its refreshing fragrance as it repels mosquitoes and even preserves your clothes

Your Camphor Cone comes to you in 3 unique variants infused with fragrances of Original Camphor, Camphor + Rose, Camphor + Lemon

For the next 45 days experience a unique camphor based fragrance which has the ability to keep you fresh and healthy

Get your CamPure Camphor Cone today and redefine your environment and health!

Camphor Stick

Great to hang in your kitchen cabinet to keep away roaches and rodents

One in your shoe rack to replace that awful smell with a cool-mystic fragrance

One where you store your woolens to keep them moth and insect free!

Enjoy 60 days of total cover with each pack and when the stick becomes light in weight, it is time to get yourself a brand new box of CamPure Camphor Sticks!

Get your Campure Camphor Sticks today and redefine your environment and health!

Air Purifier

CamPure Air Purifier replaces unpleasant odours with an industry first Camphor based aroma

CamPure Air Purifier creates a smoothing environment, which refreshes and relaxes your mind

CamPure Air Purifier even purifies your surrounding and repels mosquitoes at the push of a button!

Try our unique fragrance: “Original“, “Jasmine“, “Rose“, “Lemon“

Get your CamPure Air Purifier today and redefine your environment and health!

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A: CamPure products from the House of Mangalam, are uniquely made from Camphor. Camphor is naturally occurring product and has the twin benefit of mosquito repellency and a refreshing fragrance, which other brands are unable to offer

A: Amazon.in has a range of reviews, please click on some of the below links to see our latest reviews
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A: CamPure Camphor Cone should last 45 days. CamPure Camphor Sticks should last 60 days. CamPure Air Purifier has 250ml of product in it and will get consumed based on how much you spray it.

A: You can purchase all CamPure products at leading Modern Trade stores, General Trade stores and E-commerce websites such as amazon.in

Our Products

CamPure Camphor Cone – Original Camphor

CamPure Camphor Cone – Rose

CamPure Camphor Cone – Jasmine

CamPure Camphor Stick

CamPure Air Purifier – Original Camphor

CamPure Air Purifier – Jasmine & Camphor

CamPure Air Purifier – Rose & Camphor

CamPure Air Purifier – Lemon & Camphor